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BUYER REBATES - NJ Buyer Commission

Real Estate Rebate Plans
 up to 60%


Our office is now offering to REBATE a portion of our collected real estate commission to the BUYER. 

Buyer Rebates of Real Estate Commissions can be beneficial to the purchaser.  It is a way for the purchaser to receive a rebate of a portion of the real estate brokers commission.

Here is an example of Homebuyer rebate amounts: 


Max REBATE Plan up to 60%  (reduced service)*


The amount of the rebate is determined based on the Commission Collected :

• $18,000+ Commission Collected Rebate to Buyer of 60%

• $12,000+ Commission Collected Rebate to Buyer of 50%

• $ 8,000+ Commission Collected Rebate to Buyer of 45%

• $ 5,000+ Commission Collected Rebate to Buyer of 30%

• less than $5,000 Commission Collected Rebate to Buyer of 20% 

This is a limited service program and is defined in the Buyer Rebate Agreement. The buyer will be performing some functions typically handled by real estate agents as well as their own due diligence.

Example Rebate Amounts:

Commission $20,000  Rebate to the buyer of $12,000

Commission $15,000  Rebate to the buyer of $ 7,500

Commission $10,000  Rebate to the buyer of $ 4,500

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Offering Buyer Commission Rebates across New Jersey including:
Buyer Commission Rebates in Princeton, Buyer Commission Rebates in West Windsor

Buyer Commission Rebates in Plainsboro NJ
Buyer Real Estate Rebates in NJ

For Details, Contact Robert Bornstein, Licensed Real Estate Broker 
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This is a great way to buy a home practically anywher in New Jersey. 
If you want to take some control over
your home search, why not get paid back for your efforts

We have been doing Real Estate Rebates in New Jersey for Years !


*Broker is acting as a “Transaction Broker” in this transaction (see attached info sheet). Buyer also understands & agrees that in consideration of the above rebate, Broker will be providing reduced services. The services provided include: preparing any offers, contracts of sale, obtaining & transmitting mortgage documents, presenting offers and counter-offers, providing guidance through the transaction via telephone, e-mail, fax etc., obtaining info through the MLS system etc., communicating with sellers Real estate agent all New Jersey minimum service requirements.

IMPORTANT:  New Jersey Real Estate Commission rules REQUIRE there be a written agreement with the buyer at the onset of the relationship. Otherwise no rebate may be issued.  So you must sign up for this initially or it will not apply.  The rebate will be paid as a “credit” to the buyer at closing or a check from the closing agent, thereby reducing our portion of the Broker commission. 

The Buyer must have purchased the home through our office.   The Buyer will be obligated to pay any applicable taxes for the receipt of the rebate and should contact a tax professional concerning the tax implications of receiving the rebate.  All parties to the transaction, including the mortgage lender, must be notified of the rebate.  The rebate is not contingent on the Buyer using any services or products. 

The Rebate amount is based only on commissions actually collected by 1-2-3 Realtors/Homeowners Concept. The calculation is based on the “Buyers side” portion of the commission, not on the “listing side”, if our office also happens to be the Listing Broker. Please see our Buyer Rebate Agreement for complete terms & other restrictions.  May be withdrawn or modified at anytime.  

For Details, Contact Robert Bornstein, Licensed Real Estate Broker
732-341-8840 ext 1


This page does not create an agreement between the parties, that can only be accomplished through a written signed agreement.  This is for NJ Buyer Rebates on Real Estate Commissions.  The "ACT" permitting this practice was signed into law on January 17th 2010 including Rebates on Real Estate Commissions.  As the Act is new, changes to our plan may need to be implemented to conform as requirments are clariified.  Any aspect of our Buyers Rebate program which does not meet applicable rules, will be changed or modified.  We will not be liable to perform any act which does not now or in the future meet all requirments of NJ Law, NJ Real Estate Commission Rules, or Federal Law.     In New Jersey all commissions are negotiable. No valid on existing customers since the law requires the agreement be signed at the onset of the relationship.

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