Average Real Estate Commissions In Monmouth And Ocean County

Compare Real Estate Commissions In Our Area of NJ

First of all, let's be clear.  In New Jersey all commissions are negotiable.  There is no set
commissions in Monmouth County, Ocean County or anywhere in New Jersey.  Being 
negotiable, doesn't mean that agents or real estate offices can't have their own policies
on minimum or maximum commissions accepted.  It just means that you shouldn't think
you have to pay any specific commission.  The good news is that a higher commissions
doesn't necessarily mean you will get more service or are more likey to sell your home.
Offices like ours have been charging lower commissions for over 20 years & get homes
sold just like the offices charging thousands more.  Keep in mind there may be a balance
between how low a commission you pay before you begin to give up necessary services.
If your home won't sell, it doesn't really matter how low a real estate agent commission
you pay.  (see below for typical rates)


This Seller Saved $18,000+

By selling in one of our programs rather than a Broker charging 6%


In our area, the most common commission I see is 5%.  Then 6%, then to a lesser extent 4%
For the most part, I don't think there is much difference in the service provided.  At least for
things that actually matter to sell your home.  Many offices come up with long lists of what 
they will do to market your home, but much of that list is to make you feel that everything
possible is being done to get you sold.  The truth is that REALTORS know what sells houses
and we all do those things.  We All Want Your Home to Sell.  Some more advanced offices
(like ours) go beyond social mediamarketing and use Artificial Intelligence in our real estate
marketing along with Google etc.  Display and paid search.